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Plus Size OOTD: Lavender Gingham Wild Fable Dress

August is here and Fall is right around the corner. I love bold plaid patterns for Fall, and I’m head-over-heels for light purple right now. This lavender gingham Wild Fable dress just makes sense!

Lavender Gingham Wild Fable Dress

Maranda, a plus size woman, models a lavender and black plaid muse dress with white combat boots.

You know that feeling when you find something that just vibes with your personality? Yeah, that’s how this adorable dress from Wild Fable (Target) connected for me.

Admittedly, I don’t shop at Target often. I’m familiar with Ava & Viv brand, which was basically what put Target on my plus size clothing radar some years ago. But this is the first Wild Fable piece I’ve owned.

Anything plaid (or, in this case, gingham, but similar enough) always catches my eye. My husband is strangely attracted to the plaid ‘redneck chic’ aesthetic, too. Add my current color crush – light lavender – and I’m totally sold.

This adorable little shirt dress, which is apparently called a ‘muse dress’, features loose long sleeves and strings to tie on the bust.

The neckline is super wide and dramatically cut, with some puff to the shoulders. It’s very peasant-shirt-styled. Whimsical and romantic.

Maranda, a plus size woman, models a purple and black gingham muse dress from Wild Fable brand with white combat boots.

It’s also worth noting the length… On a larger plus size body, there’s not much clearance beneath the booty and/or belly.

I mean, I can deal with the short length; I never wear a dress without some type of shorts underneath. Not to mention that it would be amazingly cute with some leggings in cooler weather!

But, while I’m absolutely loving the dress itself, after wearing it this one time, I realized that I won’t be keeping it.

My issue is the bust, which fit pretty snug. Not uncomfortably so, but tight enough that I had to keep adjusting it upwards so that my bra didn’t show.

(For reference, I’m wearing a 44DD push-up plunge bra under it. The dress itself is a size 2X.)

For that reason, I’ll be sending it off with a bittersweet goodbye. It’s now available for purchase on Poshmark.


You could really take this dress in a lot of directions, honestly. It’s cute, yet romantic. It’s Fall vibes, but with the best pale purple color out there. You could rock it from innocent and casual to a punky grunge overhaul depending on the accessories.

I tried to play up the purple with a pair of my go-to Floral Water Drop Earrings by Shein.

I can’t get enough of these super cheap, super cute dangle earrings. I’ve posted about them before here and here. Only $2.50 for 4 pairs in all different vintage floral patterns!

This really neat chainmail linked bib necklace was thrifted just last week from A Second Chance Thrift Store (all proceeds go to the local animal rescue – A Second Chance Animal Sheltermy favorite local cause. Tag is marked “Cookie Lee”; paid $3.

Oh, and the boots? Hawt. I’ll post about those later. They’re definitely not leaving my closet any time soon.