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Plus Size OOTD: Leopard Maxi Skirt & Yellow Crop

Stepping a bit beyond my current comfort zone for this one (which is a very good thing). This is the first time in my life I’ve worn a crop top for a functional outfit.

Plus Size Leopard Print Maxi Skirt

I love the breezy look of full-length maxi skirts, especially the gauze or linen kind that really flows. I’ve been shopping for one for the longest time, but they’re more elusive than I imagined.

Apparently true plus size cotton maxi skirts (in a cheapskate price range, let’s say, less than $30) are not common. This baffles me, because they’re such a comfortable, flowy and lightweight piece that can be styled many ways… Seems like this would be popular in the plus size fashion community. (I mean, come on, tutus are getting a moment, for goodness sake.)

Finally, after a few long evenings crawling through Poshmark listings, I found one. And it was love at first sight.

The cut, the length, the waistband, the material… everything is perfect. Animal print? Sure! Black and white leopard print? Hell yes!

This plus size leopard maxi skirt is by Jessica London, and according to the website, sizes are available from women’s 12 to 36! This model, the Flowing Crinkle Skirt, comes in many colors and patterns to choose from, which is amazing. There are a few more I’ll be adding to my closet eventually.

What I love most is the 100% cotton material. The skirt has two layers, which is perfect, and both are incredibly light and airy. The softest breeze sets it in motion. Nothing clings at all. It can be worn at regular or high waist with the same effect.

I also appreciate the versatility. Without a doubt, you’ll see me in more outfits with this skirt because it pairs so well with a lot of different tops and looks.

The Jessica London Flowing Crinkle Skirts in animal print patterns have an MSRP of $89.99. They are currently listed on the official website at $63.99. I snagged mine, new with tags, on Poshmark for $18. Yes!

Yellow Tied Crop Top

I’d love to post a link to this lovely crop top that I got from Shein, but it appears to be sold out and gone. That’s a bummer, because I’d truly recommend it!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors. This simple linen-like material is incredibly vibrant. It’s a thicker, durable material so it felt a little warm after a while (and didn’t help that it was about 110% humidity out there!).

I truly love the peasant puffed sleeves and simple front V-neck with string ties. It’s a very whimsical top with a boho chic vibe. And the tie-back style adds a hint of sexy side cut-outs with a big bow statement in back.

This crop top originally retailed for $15 on Shein. I happened to catch it on Clearance for $3. Score!

Striped Dangle Earrings

I forgot to get a nice close-up shot wearing these funky dangle earrings, but I want to talk about them anyway. Another Shein find, and at only $1.50, a total steal.

Product photo of Shein's yellow, black and white layered dangle earrings.

Sometimes dangly earrings annoy me, especially if they’re heavy. I’ve shied away from them… but not anymore! Once I discovered this style on Shein, I got hooked. They’re made of very lightweight, flexible material that reminds me of leather. They’re an eye-catching accessory with a barely-there feeling.

If you love big earrings but hate the kind that make your lobes sag, you will love these. (And there are a ton more like it on Shein, too!)

Final Thoughts

The skirt is everything I wanted in a maxi. The top is comfy and cute, if not a little warm since the material is too thick to breathe well. I love the funky dangle earrings. Yes, I would wear this out in public. And yes, I would recommend each of these pieces to anyone who’s in the market!

Here’s the rest of the photos. Huge thanks to Hey Mr. Arnold.