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RAVE: Yitty Shapewear Experience

This Yitty shapewear experience review post is not sponsored. I’m not paid by, nor affiliated with, Yitty or Lizzo or Fabletics in any way. This is just my honest opinion based on personal experience.

Am I late to this party?

Ever since Yitty launched back in April of 2022, I’ve been longing to get my big booty into a pair of their shorts.

Admittedly, the price tag was holding me back because I’m a huge cheapskate and have a very hard time justifying steep prices if I’m unsure of fit, quality, or performance.

One day, while browsing Poshmark, I came across the exact shorts I wanted in the exact color I’d been eyeballing at the exact size I needed. The shapewear gods must have been smiling upon me; the listing was NWT and half the price of retail. I hit that blue Buy Now button so hard!

So without further ado, I’d like to share my experience with Yitty’s Nearly Naked Shaping High Waist Shorts, as well as my thoughts on Lizzo’s big moves in the shapewear industry itself.

Shapewear Struggles

Here’s a little secret about me: I cannot wear a dress without wearing shorts underneath. I just can’t. Between inevitable chub rub between the thighs and the need for modesty when bending over, shorts under the skirt is just a law in my closet.

Maranda, a plus size woman, stands outdoors on a sunny day, looking at the camera from a side profile that shows her black and white plus size cat print dress down to the knees.
There’s some Yitty under here!

My go-to for under-dress shorts has always been either bike shorts (spandex) or yoga shorts (microfiber). Either way, they need to have a fair bit of compression to keep everything supported and comfortable.

Real shapewear has always been on my radar, but the pieces I’ve owned in the past have always been 1.) too expensive; 2.) too complicated to get in and out of easily; and 3.) too uncomfortable for all-day wear.

Back in the day (in my early 20’s), as the shapewear game began to change (for the better) with all-day-wear and comfort in mind, the go-to was Spanx. But even Spanx left me disappointed. The Spanx I owned never kept their strength and shape after a day of wear, and no matter which model or size I tried, they would always roll down my belly or up my thighs.

Nothing says ‘self-conscious’ like grabbing and tugging under your dress every five minutes, so no thanks.

When I gave up on Spanx, I gave up on shapewear in general. I threw them away and relied solely on those bike or yoga shorts. Ho-hum.

No doubt, there’s ads for shapewear from all these independent internet brands popping up in my Facebook feed daily. Shapewear’s come a long way in the last decade – especially now that it’s being marketed on real plus size bodies and honestly, publicly reviewed by real plus size women. The competition between these online retailer ‘shapewear specialists’ is fierce. Shapermint, Shapellx, PopFit, ChicCurve, Knix… these are just a few of the brands that flood the feeds of plus size women daily. There’s a lot of that buzzword, snatched. I remain skeptical.

Then, out of left field, along comes Lizzo in all her “thick bitch” glory, and a new plus size icon rises. Enter Yitty.

Yitty Shapewear Gets Nearly Naked

Yitty (see Fabletics) captured my attention with Lizzo’s personal marketing for the brand on Instagram. How can you not notice that booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere?

Well, okay, it is ‘about damn time’ for big girls to be living large.

Maranda, a plus size woman, stands outdoors in profile to the camera, pulling her black and white dress up at the hip to reveal pastel purple Yitty shapewear shorts underneath.
Yitty got the perfect fit.

So like I mentioned in the beginning, I was in the right place at the right time on Poshmark to snag a great deal on brand new Yitty shorts. I had a lot of faith in the Yitty image, the hype, the marketing in general. Yes, I was also smitten with the way Lizzo flipped the sizing spectrum, calling it “6X to XS “- a sentiment that went viral. I wanted a taste of that Big Grrrl energy.

So, this is the Nearly Naked Shaping High Waist Shorts. It’s the most beautiful shade of soft purple I’ve ever seen, called Tempo Lavender. I’m wearing size 5X, which I chose after comparing the size chart to my general measurements and dress size. (Size chart was spot-on, by the way.)

The texture of this fabric is *chef’s kiss*.

It’s buttery soft, but has a substantial feeling to it. The first thing I did was crumple it up and start squeezing; it’s squishy like a stress ball and irresistible to just roll between your fingers.

Getting into them for the first time was, shall I say, an unflattering scene of bending, tugging, grunting. But you know what? That fight was worth it! The name Nearly Naked is a great description of how these wear like a second skin. Once all your belly and booty and thighs are comfortably in place, these shorts are just giving them a nice hug.

A Solid Foundation

So the true test of any shapewear garment is how it wears over the span of an active day, right?

I wore my Yitty’s (Yitties?) for the first time under the cat dress for this OOTD post, but that was just a first impression.

I wore them again this past weekend under a sun dress for an all-day outing with shopping, walking, dinner, etc. This gave me the chance to really break ’em in, so to speak.

Maranda, a plus size woman, holds between her hands the waistband of her Yitty shapewear shorts, rolling it outward to expose the Yitty logo and rubber banding inside.
The little waistband that tried its best.

The only slightly negative thing I have to say is that the waistband did eventually start rolling down my belly.

It’s reinforced with the grippy elastic, and it really did try its hardest to stay put, but ended up bunching around my belly button by mid-day.

(I’m convinced that there is no high-waist shapewear that will NOT roll down on me. Hey, shapewear company, prove me wrong, please!)

Despite the rolling, the comfort was lasting. My thighs made a soft swish-swish as I walked, but they were playing nicely together all afternoon.

This proprietary fabric is a big upgrade after years of wearing bike or yoga under-shorts. The material is much different in terms of both support and breathability. It moves easily with the body. And while a certain degree of humidity is expected in the nether-regions during summertime in South Carolina, I made it through the entire day without even coming close to swamp ass.

But what’s the verdict on the shaping power?

Every body is different, obviously, so I’m not going to speculate on what Yitty shapewear should do for one.

Speaking only from my experience, the shorts had a comfortable level of compression. It didn’t really change my overall size (which is fine with me). It didn’t magically redistribute anything. But it did add noticeable smoothness to my B-shaped belly. Everything felt lightly smoothed and softly rounded.

Likewise, the level of compression and density of the fabric basically eliminates any unintentional jiggling, bouncing, wobbling, rippling, etc.

It may have been all in my imagination, but I swear the booty panels (which are made more sheer / less restrictive than the rest of the garment) actually did enhance the curvature and fullness of my butt, though. Oh yeah!

(tl;dr) The Final Review

Yitty’s high-waist shaping shorts hit all the high marks for me in fabric, comfort, long-wear, support, and durability. It didn’t take long for the waistband to start rolling down, though, which is my common experience with all shapewear I’ve owned.

The quality seems really, really good – but for the retail price point, I’d expect it to be. Time will tell for the longevity of the shorts. If they can last as a go-to foundation garment for the long term, then I’ll feel the price is justified, no problem.

8.5/10 – a solid foundation garment.

What about you? Have you tried trending shapewear from Yitty? Shapermint? Shapellx? Or others? I’d love to hear real reviews – the good, the bad, and even the ugly – so please drop your thoughts in the Comments below.