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Poshmark Update: Lots of New Listings This Week

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally have a permanent and proper Poshmark processing and storage set-up! Things I’ve been purging from my closet for the last year are finally seeing the light of day and seeking new owners.

This post is not sponsored, but it contains links to items for sale in my personal Poshmark Closet.

Chasing Skirts, Apparently

So what’s new? Well, lots of skirts, for some reason! I idolized the broomstick skirt / crop top combo for a while… Then I went through some months of really, really wanting to start wearing skirts more often… But I don’t get out much, and I’d really like to downsize, so hopefully someone else can do these beauties the honor they deserve!

Here are just a few of the new additions. Some are absolute stunners and it was a very hard decision to let go.

Culling The Shein Collection

Ain’t no shame to my Shein game, and my Shein game is strong. The very-reasonable prices of Shein’s super-fast fashion make it so easy to “Add To Cart” without a second thought. Eventually, my best intentions catch up with my wildest dreams and I realize I need to cherry-pick my Shein selections so I can re-claim some drawer space, know what I mean?!

Again, this is a quick few items among all the newbies. Check out my Poshmark Closet to see everything!

That Black & White Striped Sundress

Maranda models a plus size black and white striped sundress under a wide black belt, distressed denim jacket, and white slide sandals.

Remember this gem?

When I realized I hadn’t worn it again since those photos were taken, I figured it was time to let it go. This dress sold out on Shein and they never brought it back in stock.

Honestly, I kinda enjoy the prospect of sending “retired” clothing off to a new owner. When they hit “sold out” status, they literally can’t be bought anymore (at least not from the manufacturer itself, anyway).

I’m actually surprised they stopped making and selling this dress. The fabric, the style, the silhouette and the quality – it’s all really decent! It’s truly a GREAT dress. Someone else can rock it way better than I did.

This Week’s Underdog

This gorgeous brown acrylic / wool piece from Eshakti is so worthy of closet space – but the silhouette just wasn’t for me (I don’t like the “slits”). All the natural woven texture and heft of a quality-made garment; you can feel it in your hands. But what on earth do you call this thing? A capelet? Poncho? I swear this style must have its own name.

I started searching for it, hoping for details. But despite every keyword combo I tried, I could not find a single other one of these… jackets? It must be either a very old product line, or a style that was not numerous in quantity.

But whatever you’d call it, it’s the perfect closet staple for autumn. (Yes, I know we’re just getting into Spring, but don’t sleep on it!)

This is a small sample of new stuff! I have a lot more to list next week, too. Keep an eye out and please feel free to make a Bundle! My Bundle setting is currently 20% off for 3+ items, for a limited time!