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"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."
- L. M. Montgomery

I grew up in Michigan, and as an adult, I despised the fall season. October, in particular, meant death in nature. Watching the plants die, raking and managing a yard full of leaves, winterizing everything outdoors… ugh. Then scraping up enough money to make sure the LP tank was filled to run the furnace at our house, and helping haul and stack wood at my parents’ house… just yuck.

When my parents, my husband, and I moved to South Carolina in 2015, my outlook on fall began to change. Down here, the summer stretches easily into September. October brings the mild cool-down, with lower humidity and enjoyable temperatures, on average. For this fat girl who hates to sweat, October is the sweet relief I’ve been waiting for all summer.

October also brings my aunt and uncle down for a visit from Michigan. This year, as usual, they travelled down in their Jayco RV and stayed with us for two weeks. It’s truly special time that we get to spend together, reminiscing and telling stories. The weather cooperated perfectly this year, and we enjoyed blissful sunny days, campfire evenings, and plenty of great food. We did lots of metal detecting and digging for treasures (though all we found was junk), cutting and gathering fire wood, and holding yard game tournaments.

At one campfire under the stars, we finally witnessed a line of SpaceX Starlink satellites overhead. The next night, we brought out the telescope to take turns viewing Jupiter (and its four largest moons) in the eastern sky.

Living in the Moment

The past few weeks have also been a great opportunity to practice mindfulness and, most importantly to me, consciously living in the moment. I tend to worry, and plan, and then worry some more about the plans whenever my daily routine deviates from the norm.

Having two weeks surrounded by people I love, with nothing on a “to do” list, opened up a lot of time to just relax and enjoy. One of my favorite ways to practice living in the moment is to eat a D8 gummy, put my baby girl Rose on her leash, and wander around the yard.

Nature is so beautiful out here, especially this time of year. You know you’re blessed when you can find tranquility in your own backyard.

Vapor clouds drift up through branches and trees, illuminated by direct sun rays.