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A Fat Girl’s National Bikini Day

No lie, in the South Carolina summers, every day should be Bikini Day. We’re in the mid-90’s today and the pool feels more like a hot tub.

A holiday, for real?

Maranda, a plus size woman, stands outdoors against a wall wearing aviator sunglasses and a lemon print bikini top from Torrid.

In honor of this completely superfluous manufactured holiday, National Bikini Day, I’m sharing one of my go-to favorites in swimwear: the Torrid underwire bikini top and matching high-waist bottoms in funky lemon print.

Honestly, there are about six of these bikinis of all different patterns in my closet. They were some of Torrid’s best sellers a few years ago. Every time I find one at a good price on Poshmark, I buy it.

For whatever reason, Torrid’s 2022 swim catalog only included one pattern in this style. It sold out before a good sale dropped it low enough to meet my price point (I’ve mentioned that I’m a cheapskate). I’m bummed about that, but I’ll probably search for one on Poshmark later.

Bikini By Torrid

Maranda, a plus size woman, stands outdoors wearing a lemon print bikini set from Torrid.

I prefer underwire bikini tops, if at all possible, just for the extra support. Torrid’s placed the perfect amount of soft foam in the cups of this style to smooth everything out while not appearing artificially bulky. I could do without the long-line cut since it usually just rolls up my belly anyway. But with adjustable straps and band, it’s easy to get the perfect fit. I can wear these all day long just like a bra.

High-waisted bottoms always end up fitting at normal waistline thanks to my belly. That’s really the most comfortable place, though, so I ain’t mad about it.

What I love most about the bottoms is Torrid’s proprietary PowerMesh lining. It has a fantastic supportive quality with the perfect balance of stretch and compression. PowerMesh smooths everything out while holding everything in. Confidence and comfort.

Cover-Up By Shein

While we’re talking swimwear, I have to mention my absolute favorite beach cover-up of all time.

This bold open-weave piece from Shein has a really wide neckline so it falls naturally off the shoulder. Black and white, of course, goes with everything. While it has a great longer length, it also has high slits on each side. It doesn’t bunch, twist, or ride up. The weave is loose enough to let air flow freely which makes it insanely comfy, even on the hottest days.

Face Your Fears

I spent a lot of my life being scared to wear bathing suits that showed my curves, rolls, dimples and stretch marks. I’ve spent many summers in long, modest tankini tops and skirted bottoms. I was afraid of ridicule, rejection, and just plain meanness in a fat-phobic world.

But one of the better things about growing older, quite frankly, is not giving a shit anymore. I wear bikinis because they’re sexy, comfortable, and don’t limit my movement. It’s quite freeing, really.

Regardless of your size or what you were raised to believe, you shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate National Bikini Day… any day of the damn year.