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Four colorful wreaths with sunflowers hanging together on an outdoor porch wall.

RAVE: Spirit Blooms by Deb

Let me just preface this by saying that yes, Deb is my amazing mother, so it’s correct to assume that I am, in fact, a wee bit biased! With that said, I’d also better disclose the fact that I get all my beautiful wreathes for free (because she looooves me!), so is that considered barter / affiliate marketing? LOL

Springtime in South Carolina

Every March, South Carolina experiences The Pollening: a season between winter and spring that coats everything outside in an aggravating layer of dusty yellow sediment. At first, this is a welcome sign of winter’s exit. But by the time it’s over, everything kept outdoors needs a hearty spring cleaning with soap, water, and elbow grease.

This year was no exception. I worked up a manic organize-purge-redecorate mood as The Pollening came to an end. Our back deck, which opens right from our bedroom, needed a serious makeover. We had a large spot of empty wall to fill with something pretty.

Enter my mother, who has a natural knack for crafting but doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit.

Spirit Blooms by Deb is Born

For the past several years Mom’s been creating these gorgeous handmade wreaths. She started designing them as a hobby just for family and friends. They were so well-received that she started making extras in her free time. She had her very first craft fair fundraiser event benefitting ASCAS (our local animal shelter) in 2019.

(We actually have another craft fair event coming up in May; more on that later.)

For these lovely new wreaths, all I had to do was give her my ideas on color. In less than 24 hours, she had created this beautifully coordinated series of four individual wreaths. They fit our large horizontal wall space perfectly!

Arrangement of four colorful wreaths with sunflowers on an outdoor wall.

Porch Pick-Me-Up

Arrangement of four colorful wreaths with sunflowers on an outdoor wall of porch.

It took a couple weeks of weather-permitting work but I’m absolutely thrilled with how our porch is turning out. We washed walls, revived and re-planted wintered plants, and even detailed the ceiling fans and changed the light fixture. Our wreaths are now like a statement piece that pops a ton of color into the scene. The fun colors and sunflower theme is neutral enough to cover spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Aside from being so eye-catching and charming, what I love most about her wreaths is that they are super lightweight (making them easy to hang on just a small 3M hook), but also incredibly durable.

The wreaths we’ve previously display here at home have withstood multiple years of use and are still just as colorfully vivid and structurally sound as they were on day one.

Before and after comparison of cleaning and re-decorating outdoor porch.
Close-up of sunflower and colorful flowers on handmade wreath by Spirit Blooms by Deb.

My mother doesn’t give herself nearly enough credit for these creations.

These wreaths are made with better quality materials and attention to detail than anything you’ll find in a big-box store, let me assure you.

Mom uses sturdy natural wood wreath forms and weaves in quality artificial flowers and foliage by hand. She keeps a collection of floral supplies that’s colorful and versatile enough to fit almost any holiday, event, or themed design.

She’ll be taking custom order requests starting late summer of this year.

Looking Ahead

Next month (May, 2022), Spirit Blooms by Deb will have a booth at the ASCAS Arts & Craft Fair in Manning, SC. She’ll be offering a variety of seasonal and themed wreaths and also taking custom orders on site. Mom is adamant that 100% of her sales be donated back to the shelter, which is a wonderful and worthy cause in itself.

Eventually, as time allows, she will also be filling up the Spirit Blooms by Deb Etsy shop to offer pre-made and custom wreath orders with USA shipping available.

For more photos and info, or just to give her a ‘like’ or ‘follow’ of support, please visit Spirit Blooms by Deb on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!